Day 78

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image (30)It’s so tempting to blame someone else for our problems, isn’t it? We blame our parents, our teachers, our friends, our enemies, society at large or anyone we can think of – anyone except ourselves. We’ve talked before about taking responsibility for our lives and giving up the habit of blame is another important step in the process. We can’t change the past. It happened. It’s over.


Our focus must move towards the future, towards the future that we absolutely want for ourselves. When we let go of the habit of blaming others for who we are and what we do, we can instantly feel the freedom of taking complete responsibility for our lives. This new sense of personal freedom creates the space for us make positive and lasting changes in our lives. We choose. No one else gets to make those choices for us. Certainly not anyone from the past!


Let’s celebrate freedom and unchain ourselves from the past forever.

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