Day 77

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image (31)The mind is an extraordinary gift. Its powers can be harnessed for our well-being or for our detriment. The way we use our minds impacts directly on everything we experience in life. Our health, our happiness, our prosperity, our relationships – everything revolves around the emotional patterns in our thoughts and feelings. This power is a fact.


We don’t have to decide if it’s real. We use it all the time. The real choice is to decide how to use this incredible force for our benefit. If there is any aspect of your life that you’re not happy with, look at the thoughts and feelings that spring up when you focus on this issue. The answer to your problems is usually to be found in your own mind. That’s why we need to let go of the disabling expressions ‘I can’t’, ‘I mustn’t’, ‘I won’t’, ‘it’s not possible’ and learn to express ourselves only with positive, enabling language. Your mind will understand. Your mind will respond to this change in how you want to think. The vast resource of your mind will start to work for you.


And your life will start to get better.

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