Day 76

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image (32)Anyone who’s ever been involved in healing will know that the power to aid recovery comes from the person who needs the healing. It’s easy to talk of healers as if they have some divine gift but my teachers in India insisted on explaining all natural healing as the way the sick person taps into their own power. Sometimes the healer acts as a catalyst. But the miracles that sometimes attend recovery from very serious illnesses flow from the person who is being healed. This is helpful to understand because it ensures we never ignore the power that resides in everyone.


Power is not an elitist badge of honour. It is a universal characteristic. Recognising it in everyone we meet is essential for our balanced growth. We are more accustomed perhaps to the nuisance of colds and ‘flu and my teachers were fond of describing these conditions as simple mechanisms for forcing individuals to slow down and rest! Not much comfort when you have a cold but a useful way to consider these minor complaints and a sign from your body for you to get more rest. The body has wisdom far beyond words.

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