Day 75

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image (33)I love starlight. One of the joys of visiting locations which are free of pollution is the wonder of a star-filled sky. The sense of receiving light that has traveled unimaginable distances across the vastness of space helps to put our worries into perspective. The scale of the universe simply exceeds the limits of our imagination by an enormous degree and moves our perspective from the obsessively warped focus of the ego to the transcendence of self.


An evening in the company of the stars is a delightfully relaxing yet exhilarating experience, a way to step beyond the limits of our daily concerns and breath in the majesty of the universe. Science may explain much of what we perceive as we probe deeper into the mysteries of astronomy but it can never dilute the simple joy of feeling that essential connection to the wonder of the night sky. Take a moment to appreciate the stars.


They’re priceless and they’re free.

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