Day 74

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image (34)I’ve often encouraged people to take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions and this is undoubtedly an important part of learning how to direct your life. We all have to take responsibility for our lives but we can’t possibly be responsible for the thoughts and feelings of others, especially when the others have reached adulthood.


Each individual is entirely responsible for what they feel, think and do. It’s as simple as that. This implies that we can’t make people feel or think things without their consent. So when we speak of some individual making us angry, it’s vital to remember that the anger is only in our hearts. It isn’t anywhere else. How we feel and how we think about anyone else on the planet is only ever an extension of what is happening within us.


We often refer to our conditioned reflexes and responds from childhood but isn’t it time we took total responsibility for how we react, how we feel, how we think? Then we can learn to choose thoughts, feelings and responses that support our well-being and let go of the conditioning that has shaped our negative responses for so long.

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