Day 73

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image (35)Our lives are often dominated by the needs of work, family, children and a host of competing responsibilities. That’s why I’m asking you to find some time just for you. It isn’t selfish and it doesn’t detract from your other duties but it will help to restore some much-needed balance to your life. Set aside some time for yourself every single day. Use it for whatever you want. Meditate. Dream. Think about your goals. Think about your own needs and welfare.


Make this an important part of your daily routine.


Set aside time to make plans for yourself. Focus on you and use your special time to consider how to improve your well-being. Let the seeds of creativity germinate in your imagination and help you fulfill your individual needs, opening up greater possibilities for self-expression and personal fulfillment. As you take care of others and your daily responsibilities, take time to care of you as well.

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