Day 71

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image (37)Do you believe in yourself? If you want to make progress, build a better life, develop greater well-being and move yourself to a happier state of existence, you really have to believe in yourself. It’s clearly very helpful to have people in your life who believe in you and support your goals but the strongest source of support has to begin with your own belief in you.


It begins with your belief that you can do whatever you want to do. Believing in yourself is a state of mind. It’s something we need to practise every day until it becomes a natural reflex. It doesn’t matter whether you had supportive parents or not as a child. The time for self-belief is right now. This very moment. We had to learn our doubts and limitations as small children and those habits have been with us for long enough. Today we need to learn the power of self-belief and feel the difference this change in attitude produces. When you believe in yourself, you’ll smile with the knowledge that you can truly accomplish your dreams.


Self-belief is the beginning of so many wonderful things.

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