Day 167

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Water Water Everywhere…but are you drinking It?


It’s surprising that we’re constantly reminded to drink enough water yet so many people are dehydrated. Water really is the answer. We live in a world where carbonated drinks are advertised as the perfect and satisfying way to satisfy our thirst but, in reality, good old, plain, simple, calorie-free, regular water is the answer.


The debate about the benefits or demerits of carbonated drinks will surely continue for years to come, even though we all recognise the danger of consuming the vast amounts of processed sugar that make so many drinks so appealing to our taste buds.


Water is the answer. Small amounts throughout the day. If you live in a environment where you sweat heavily due to your activities or because of the climate, you might need to take tissue salts to maintain healthy levels of electrolytes in the body.


But the main ingredient is always water. Make it a habit. Keep a bottle next to you during the day and take sips. You’ll notice the difference in your energy levels, your powers of concentration, even in your skin tone.

These are just a few items from the long list of benefits that flow from maintaining healthy levels of hydration. It’s water, everybody. Go and have a glass now. You know you’ll feel better

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