Day 166

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Time to stop complaining.


That’s right. We spend far too much time and energy complaining about the state of the world, our lives, the universe in general and right now is simply the perfect moment to give up this negative and counter-productive habit of complaining.


You probably know that whatever you focus on tends to become the dominant issue in your life.

When you focus on complaining, you’re telling yourself that things can’t be better, that you don’t have the power or the creativity to make a difference. Stop complaining about the problems and challenges.


Start right now to focus on how you want things to be. Engage your creativity. Take action. Do something. Make a difference.


Complaining is easy. But don’t devalue your dreams, your abilities and your potential by wringing your hands and pretending your life has to be the way it is.


Choose something better. Choose something that inspires or motivates you. Turn the old habit of complaining into the new habit of being positively engaged with the world.


That’s a difference that will work for everybody.

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