Day 160

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We live is a world that is flooded with information, images, distractions and stress. Do you ever take the time to switch off your mind and give it a well-deserved rest? One of the most effective ways to train the mind to become still is to meditate. The practise is so helpful to our health and well being that it should form an integral part of our daily routines. Ideally we should meditate when we wake and before we go to bed, learning to bring the mind to a place of natural calm and stillness. Simply relax and breathe gently and learn to ignore the constant chatter of your mind until it gradually gives up the lifelong habit of constant activity and becomes still. In the Vedic tradition, this is a treasured place of great wisdom and insight, of calm and power, of understanding and balance. If these precious gifts can be found in the silence of meditation, let us begin today and reap the rewards that can only be found in the timeless space of inner silence.

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