Day 156

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Where does the energy for change come from? How is it possible to harness our energy and direct it towards a brighter, healthier future? The answer is in our emotions. Our emotional energy drives much of our lives. Our pre-conditioned feelings and emotional responses determine much of what happens in our lives and how we deal with it. But our emotional energy is so powerful that the moment we learn to direct it towards any outcome that we desire, our lives immediately begin to move in this new direction. You don’t have to believe this but if you’re willing to experiment with the concept, you will soon realise how much influence you can extend over your life and circumstances. Life doesn’t just happen. We are deeply connected to the way our lives unfold. We influence every aspect of the events that touch our existence. Let’s accept this powerful force for change as a positive gift that can put our lives onto the best possible track for complete, all round wellbeing.

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