Day 155

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Do you dream? Do you remember your dreams? There’s evidence that everyone dreams but we’re not always aware of the experience. However, as I’ve mentioned before, dreams can provide powerful insights into the state of our life and give very precise clues into our current state of development and, perhaps, where we need to focus our conscious attention. The content of our dreams is often purely symbolic. Literal interpretations are rarely reliable. We need to write down our dreams as soon as we wake, enlisting the co-operation of our subconscious to hold and recall the images and feelings. The detail can provide a rich source of material and, once we learn to de-code the symbolism, we can have access to an extraordinary range of profound observations, answers to problems and questions, insights into our nature. All from the simple experience of our dreams. Start tonight. Tell yourself that you’ll remember your dreams when you wake and have a pen and paper handy to jot down whatever you can recall. Welcome to the wonderful world of your own subconscious.

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