Day 152

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Do you have a wish list? A list of the things that you would like to have in your life? This list can be very helpful in assisting you to identify not only what you feel might be missing from your life but, perhaps more importantly, why you feel the need for certain things in the first place. Start today and draught a list of everything you’d really like to have in your life. The list is private. It’s not for sharing or discussion. It’s your list. Usually, after you’ve identified the most obvious material improvements in your life, you start to think about some of the emotional areas that might need some work. But it’s very helpful to ask yourself why you’ve chosen the particular items that take up the first dozen or so places on your list. This analysis can shed light on why you think you do things. This is where the list becomes really useful. As you return to your list, perhaps once a week will be enough, you might notice that some of the items are no longer important. Your priorities might change. New areas might emerge. Most lists take time to mature and evolve. This is when the list can become your focal point for definite action, giving shape and form to your wishes.

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