Day 148

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Do you take time to find a calmer, more relaxed state of mind during the day? Meditation is a vital tool for training the mind and body to relax but if you feel you don’t have time during the day to meditate, you might try a mini-meditation that only takes a few minutes. It’s simply a matter of breathing more deeply and more slowly, relaxing your neck, back and shoulders and bringing your attention to a fixed point. Perhaps a simple picture or image can act as a focal point, allowing you to concentrate on the present moment, releasing the stresses and tensions of the day, bringing your awareness to a deeper state of calm, renewing your energy and stabilising your emotions. Practising this simple technique only requires a minute or two but it is so easy to incorporate into your daily routine that you can use it every hour of the day to regain your natural balance and equilibrium. The benefits filter into every aspect of your life.

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