Day 145

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Do you have a nightly ritual to help you sleep? Most of us wake up feeling tired and convinced we could use a few more hours rest. But there are alternatives. We can train our minds and bodies to relax deeply before we go to bed and this will help us to enjoy a truly restful and restorative night’s sleep. Avoiding food for the three hours before we get into bed is a great habit to cultivate. Switching off phones. televisions and media devices for at least one hour before bedtime can signal a calming change of pace to our minds and help us to slow down our frenetic mental activity. Breathing more deeply, taking a bath with your favourite oils, playing gentle, calming music and allowing your neck and shoulder muscles to relax. These simple actions are a great formula for improved sleep. Telling yourself calmly and clearly that you will sleep wonderfully and wake up feeling fantastic can programme our minds and bodies to rest more effectively and benefit from a great night’s sleep. Try it tonight. You might just love the results.

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