Day 138

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Modern communication allows us to be in touch with people almost anywhere the world at the touch of a button. The barriers to daily contact have been removed and our capacity to express ourselves should, in theory, have been greatly improved. But I sometimes wonder if we’ve sacrificed the quality of our communication in favour of volume. Mass communication sometimes diminishes the quality of debate, giving access to a vast array of emotionally-driven opinions on every conceivable subject. Broadcasting an opinion to thousands of end-users doesn’t lend validity to an argument. We should rely more on the power of reason to determine our views. There is perhaps the potential of a deeper level of understanding when we can communicate face to face. So whilst the Internet has made an enormous impact on the lives of everyone who has access to the web, the best communication still takes place when we’re able to talk and listen to one another in the same room. As a species, this is where we demonstrate our power to connect to another at deeper levels of understanding.

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