Day 133

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I listened to a man today who lamented the fact that he’d never tried skiing. In his mid-fifties, he felt he’d left it too late to begin. The incident reminded me of another man that I met many years ago who was in his eighties. We were on a ski slope and he was waiting to meet his instructor and start his first skiing lesson. The main difference between those two individuals lay in their attitude. If you feel that old age has suddenly overtaken you, you’ll look for evidence to confirm your view and you’ll be sure that you were right to surrender to the limitations of infirmity. But our attitude shapes our expectations and can either harm or enhance our well being. We certainly need to keep our bodies moving, stretch carefully every day, give the cardio vascular system a chance to work properly and make sure we’re in good enough shape to tackle any physical activity. But the willingness to pursue a new sport can be a powerful incentive to get in better shape and encourage us to take better care of our bodies. I knew a wonderful man who was still skiing black runs in his eighties and I recommend his example to anyone who needs a little encouragement to find new ways of enjoying sport.

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