Day 132

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Fear of failure often causes a great deal of stress in our lives and part of the problem is our obsession with trying to be perfect. We felt we had to be perfect children, perfect students, perfect partners, perfect parents. The list is far too long. The result is that we set impossible expectations and invariably failed to live up to these impossible standards of behaviour. It is very healthy to embrace failure. Failure is an essential part of our life experience. It’s a key component in learning. It encourages us to be resilient, to try again, to learn from our mistakes. Failure teaches us to get up and find the courage to keep going. Failure is natural. Making mistakes is entirely human. Acknowledging our mistakes enables us to make progress and find better ways of doing things. Once you’re comfortable with the natural feeling of making mistakes, you free yourself to be more adventurous. You feel there really is less risk in trying new things. You naturally enrich your life. Success owes much to failure and the determination to keep going.

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