Day 131

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Do you ever catch yourself complaining about life in general? Do you complain about people, your personal circumstances, the unfairness of life? I’d like to suggest that you take this day to make a firm and clear resolution to stop complaining. That’s right. Quit the moaning. It’s a bad habit and doesn’t help you to deal with the world in a positive and empowered manner. If you have a problem, find a way to make things better. Use your energy to be creative. If you can’t change something, there really is no point in complaining about it. My real concern is that the more you practise the habit of complain, the more you confirm that you don’t have the power to make a positive difference. Complaining diminishes your sense of self-worth because it acts as a substitute for taking positive action. So let’s renounce complaining and use our energy for something worthwhile and beneficial. You might find there are suddenly many more positive things to occupy your attention.

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