Day 130

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We are so much more than the sum of our thoughts and feelings. Most of our emotional reactions were acquired at a very early age and became deeply imprinted in our developing personalities. But it is possible to change these habits, to refine our feelings and dispense with inappropriate behaviours. The first step is to become aware of how you feel. Awareness is a key step in this simple process. Then you step away from the feeling you don’t wish to have. Distancing yourself trains the mind to reflect on how you feel and so we learn to remove the automatic, conditioned responses from our daily patterns of behaviour. As we let go of the negative emotions, we feel a sense of peace as we become calmer and more centred. Then we can perceive the situation around us in a different light. We separate ourselves from the immediacy of our environment and gain a better view without the emotional shading that often distorts our perception. This helps us to maintain objectivity and frees us from the conditioned emotional reflexes that are so often a redundant and inhibiting legacy from our childhoods. Training the mind to follow your will is a much neglected art in our culture but the benefit of neutralising negative thoughts, feelings and behaviour will most certainly transform your life.

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