Day 129

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Are you still learning? Do you still study, keeping your mind active and challenged? The internet has made it incredibly easy to access information on almost any subject you can imagine so this is an ideal age in which to acquire knowledge and deepen our understanding of anything that might interest us. We tend to focus on a limited number of subjects at school or in higher education but we have the rest of our lives to broaden our fields of interest and learn about almost anything we like. Of course, formal study can enhance our careers and carry the satisfaction of a recognised qualification but I’m suggesting that we maintain the habit of stimulating our minds purely for the pleasure of learning. This is a rewarding pleasure we can pursue for the rest of our lives. So challenge your views. Examine other perspectives. Diversify your reading. Spend time in the company of some of the greatest minds that have ever lived. Learn from some of the greatest teachers who shared their wisdom in written form. Expand your mind. Keep learning.

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