Day 128

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One of our goals is to develop a greater awareness of who we really are. We seem to spend so much of our lives playing a variety of often conflicting roles and I encourage everyone to break free of this energy-draining habit. Sometimes, when we feel that we’ve arrived at a point of relative equilibrium, life can throw an unexpected challenge at our assumptions to test if we’ve really found a deeper sense of self or whether we still have more work to do. Invariably we always find we have more work to do! But don’t be discouraged. This is a natural process that seeks to expose the flaws and weaknesses in our perception, to shed light into the darker corners of our personality, to clean out the accumulated debris from past experiences and, gradually, enable us to be free of these obstacles and distortions. Let’s celebrate these challenges. Without them we’d get stuck in our comfortable illusions. Progress is a constant process of adjustment.

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