Day 127

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One of the main pathways to finding happiness in our lives is to be completely at peace with our parents. It’s too easy to blame them for everything that’s wrong with us and often too tempting to invent a convenient story of the past to explain why we have become the people we are today. It is a truly liberating experience to learn to see our parents as people rather than as our mother and father. It is an aspect of a developing maturity to cherish our parents for who they are rather than as iconic role models. We need to thank them for teaching us, for giving us the incentive to grow, for loving us and even for becoming stronger. The lessons that they gave us may be numberless but the principle of gratitude can transform our relationship with our parents, release the past and focus on a future where we assume full responsibility for our lives and whatever happens to us. We wake up as adults and leave the dependent child behind forever.

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