Day 125

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Have you noticed how our constant habit of judging others simply reflects how we feel about ourselves? Have you ever wondered why we feel the need to judge others in the first place? A wise individual once suggested that we prefer to spend our energy examining and judging others because it’s so much easier than focussing on ourselves. Looking outwards is more comfortable than looking within. But all the answers we are looking for are found within the confines of our own hearts. Judgement of others only shifts the focus away from our individual behaviour, from our faults and failures and fallibility. It is infinitely more productive to consider our own actions before we waste time criticising everyone else. We have to begin by accepting ourselves. We need to acknowledge our failings and weaknesses. We need a spirit of acceptance in the face of all our disappointments so that we can begin the work of personal transformation in a spirit of love. In learning to accept ourselves, we begin to accept others more easily.

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