Day 124

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Would you like to look younger? Would you like your body to be stronger, fitter, slimmer, more comfortable to live in? It must be an important subject because we spend billions every year on cosmetics and plastic surgery to improve our appearance. But are we doing everything possible to keep ourselves in the best possible condition? We all understand that diet and exercise will always play an important role in keeping our bodies fit and healthy but we sometimes overlook the fact that stress can accelerate ageing and provoke a range of unpleasant side effects. The good news is that as soon as we begin to release the physical effects of stress, our bodies begin to recover, to repair the damage inflicted by sustained tension, to realign our health with optimum physical functioning. So if you’re interested in looking and feeling younger, start by recognising the effects of stress and give your body the best chance of health by learning to relax, breathe and let go of all of your anxieties. Your body will most certainly thank you!

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