Day 123

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Would you like your life to be better? Do you wish that there could be improvements in your personal situation? What’s holding you back? There are thousands of self-help books and courses available to us but few of them seem to make any lasting difference to our lives. There’s absolutely no shortage of good advice out there. So why doesn’t it work? Perhaps we should ask ourselves why we find it so difficult to put these great ideas into practice and the problem seems to be in our hearts. Understanding the need for change is not enough. We need to feel and believe in our hearts that change is really possible. When we engage our emotional drives and channel the energy into a belief or activity, we gain an immediate advantage that translates into a powerful drive to create change. Most of us resist change at a very deep level in our behaviour. To overcome this deeply embedded inertia, we need to bring our emotional energy into alignment with our goals. This is one of the most efficient ways for humans to tap into their deeper levels of power. It becomes the driving catalyst for positive change and development in our lives. Use it right now and make the changes that will truly enhance the quality of your life. The power is within you.

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