Day 121

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Do some people really make you angry? Do you find that some individuals just seem to bring out the worst in you? If we stop to wonder why these characters produce such a negative reaction, we’ll probably be able to justify our feelings and responses and produce perfect justifications for our righteousness. We are particularly adept and well trained to find perfectly valid reasons for our feelings. But it might be revealing to dig a little deeper, to ask why we really react the way we do. It’s so easy to make moral judgements about others. ‘He’s too selfish’. ‘She doesn’t care.’ ‘They only think about themselves’. The list is endless. But these judgements are more often a reflection of what’s going on in our own hearts. We constantly evaluate, appraise and, unfortunately, judge. The judgements we make are an extension of our how we see ourselves and the world around us. Accept yourself. Let go of the habit of judging everyone. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that people are far less irritating than you expected.

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