Day 120

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Happiness is grossly undervalued as a means of transforming our lives. We are taught that happiness depends entirely upon our external circumstances. If we have problems, difficulties and challenges, we can’t possibly be happy. So we postpone all hope of happiness until we reach some distant, mythical point when our problems have gone away and we are free to being enjoying life. Except that life always presents us with problems. That’s the nature of life. Our constant, daily challenge is to learn to separate our feelings from our difficulties and to bring peace into our hearts, to learn to feel a deep sense of happiness that transcends the distractions of our difficulties and find a more powerful state of being. This is not a new idea. This insight has been a vital part of human consciousness for thousands of years. It is not connected to culture or technology. It is an unchanging dynamic of the human condition. Happiness is our true heritage.

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