Day 115

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Have you ever wondered about the question of reincarnation? It’s a fascinating subject and some people even claim to be able to tell you who you were and what lives you’ve lived before. I wonder how you’d test or prove any of those claims! I suspect that the real question is not whether we come back to experience successions of different lives but rather who comes back. I can’t imagine us simply returning as ourselves in different guises. Ancient philosophies suggest that there is a much deeper aspect to ourselves that continually seeks its most perfect expression in this world and that each life that we lead draws us slowly closer to this absolute and complete manifestation of who we really are. I find the simplicity of this view very appealing. I like the idea that deep within us is the already perfected self that seeks to express itself and bring our consciousness to complete enlightenment. The Buddha’s enlightenment was a product of many lives of learning and training until he became completely who he really was. So rather than distract ourselves with stories of other lives in other times, let’s focus on the opportunities for growth in this life and bring our consciousness a little closer to its ultimate destination.

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