Day 114

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Science has changed the way we live and broadened our understanding of the universe in innumerable ways. Technology has undoubtedly enhanced the quality of our lives and enabled us to live longer and in greater comfort than ever before. But our respect for the wonders of science should not exclude our connection to the power of human spirituality. It sometimes amuses me to read the views of scientists who would reduce the human condition to a handful of chemicals and a series of programmed responses from the software in our DNA. It seems unreasonable to encapsulate the human experience within the confines of a chemical formula. Our potential deserves a much wider and deeper consideration. Perhaps the problem lies in our perspective. Science has become for many the new religion of the twenty-first century and our priests now wear white coats and speak with the divine authority of their disciplines. As in medieval times, the layman would be foolish to question the pronouncements of our ordained, approved and suitably qualified interpreters of universal law. But science does not stand still and the doctrines of today may easily become the heresy of tomorrow. So let us give thanks for the gifts of science but reserve a space in our hearts for the less easily defined qualities of the human spirit.

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