Day 113

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Creativity is an important part of the human experience and can enrich our lives in extraordinary ways. But much of our energy is diverted to the daily needs of work and family and we don’t always seem to have the time or means to explore our potential for creativity. I’d like to suggest that we really need to make time for our personal interests, to explore our creative potential and find outlets for our hidden talents. Artistic expression does not have to produce masterpieces. It’s a healthy and satisfying outlet for our creative energy and helps to bring better balance and perspective into our lives. Watching television can absorb hours and hours of our leisure time so this is one area where you can possibly gain valuable time for a creative activity. Take courses. Develop your interests. Add creative depth to your life. Find a spark of passion to inspire you. Learn to express your talents and interests. Create a counterpoint to the pressures of daily life. Don’t wait until some distant point in the future to begin. Start now and enrich your life with the power of self-expression.

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