Day 112

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We probably all know someone who appears to be intelligent but who persists in doing harmful things to themselves. It’s puzzling because we assume that these individuals are clever enough to understand that they are causing harm to themselves. We see it in people who insist on smoking, drinking too much alcohol, eating inappropriate food, avoiding exercise and even taking drugs. But the problem isn’t a question of intelligence. The problem is based in their emotional attitudes and our emotions are a very powerful source of energy and influence in our lives. So the answer cannot be found in a rational discussion and intellectual analysis of peoples’ behaviours. We need to explore their emotional framework because that’s where their behaviour is rooted. Our feelings about ourselves provide the basis for much of our behaviour and, if we don’t really like ourselves, we’re more likely to do things that are not good for us. When we learn to accept ourselves, to trust ourselves, to see the good in ourselves, we begin to treat ourselves with more care and respect and the old, destructive habits fade away. Transformation begins in our hearts.

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