Day 111

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People sometimes ask me where I come from, perhaps because my accent doesn’t always give many clues to my origins. But whilst I’m always happy to tell people where I grew up, I’ve always felt that it was more important to focus on where we’re going rather than on where we’ve come from. The future does not have to reflect the past. The future does not have to be an extension of our previous experiences. The future can be completely different. This capacity to create a better future depends on our ability to let go of the past, particularly the more painful aspects of our life. In the moment of letting go, we create space in which we can visualise ourselves in better, healthier, happier circumstances and this vision forms the foundation for changes in our attitudes and behaviour. It’s as if we can re-programme our brains to produce better results and outcomes at every level of our lives. This is a very powerful dynamic of the human condition and I invite you to make use of it every single day. Starting right now.

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