Day 110

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Do you feel that you get enough sleep? Is your sleep deep enough to allow your body and mind to recover from the day’s exertions? Do you wake up feeling refreshed or do you struggle to get up in the morning? A good night’s sleep is essential for normal, healthy functioning and a lack of rest can trigger health problems and a permanent sense of fatigue. Preparing for sleep is a vital part of our daily routine and it’s essential to end the day in the most relaxed way possible. That’s why we need to create a little space before we intend to sleep. No TV for the fifteen to twenty minutes before we plan to sleep. No books, papers, magazines, internet or games. We have to relax, breathe more deeply and focus on releasing the background tension from our posture. This is the time to tell yourself very clearly that you are going to enjoy a really great night’s sleep. That you are going to wake up feeling refreshed and totally ready for the day ahead. This is the time to train your mind to follow your instructions and tell your body what to expect. These are very simple yet extraordinarily effective techniques. All you have to do is use them every evening before you go to sleep and the changes in the quality of your sleep will amaze you.

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