Day 109

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Fear is the root of all our negative emotions. Some traditions suggest that fear is our greatest illusion because it only exists as long as we fuel these negative feelings with our emotional energy. It can be very revealing to trace the origin of your anger by asking what you are really afraid of. Whenever you feel any negative emotion, stop and ask yourself what is making you afraid. All anger comes from fear. Discover the root of your fear and your anger will evaporate. Negative emotions don’t easily survive the scrutiny of logic and that’s why the question is both so powerful and so revealing. We can transform our negative reactions by gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves and our underlying fears. Then the fear loses its power over your life and you can devote your emotional energy to being more creative, more confident in yourself and full of well-being. This is a much better use of our emotional energy. Our minds are fully capable of discerning these differences. The more we practise this technique of questioning our negative feelings and reactions, the closer we get to a deeper sense of who we really are. Release the illusions and become yourself.

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