Day 108

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Stress is a recurrent theme for us because it is so widely prevalent in our society. The stress that you retain in your posture every single day absorbs far too much of your energy. No wonder we get tired! The good news is that when you learn to recognise the physical symptoms of stress you can do something positive to correct and release all of your accumulated tension. We often refer to the shoulders as the major indicators for how we feel so we know we have to learn to relax the neck, trapezius and shoulder muscles to achieve an instant reduction in stress levels. Breathing a little more deeply can help to slow our heart rate, reduce high blood pressure, calm us down and disengage from the old, familiar stress responses. Massage can play a major role in helping us to relax, releasing stressed neck, shoulder and back muscles. Drinking enough water and keeping the body hydrated also help to maintain a healthier balance in our bodies. Meditation is the great jewel that can transform our thoughts, our feelings and our stress habits. Learning to recognise the changes in your body that take place when you’re feeling stressed can help you to switch off the tension before it takes root in your posture. So begin by gently relaxing your shoulders and breathing a little more deeply and everything else will seem so much easier.

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