Day 105

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One of the more profound questions that arises in my Well Being Courses is the issue of why we are here. What is the point of this life? I must admit that the question supposes that we are capable of understanding the answer and I suspect that our conscious minds are not really equipped to grasp the enormity of this concept in all its grandeur. But I would suggest that there are clues that can at least guide us in this complex area. Individual human progress seems to advance when we get a deeper sense of who we really are. When we let go of the roles and behaviours that are grafted onto our personalities from birth and discover what lies within, we may find something so extraordinary and complete that many of our deeper questions seem to answer themselves in this moment of realisation. Some philosophies suggest that this process of realisation takes place over the course of many lifetimes but the general consensus is that whatever wondrous and indescribable sense of self emerges, it is to be found equally in every other individual on the planet. So seek the greatness within yourself and learn to recognise it in everyone you meet.

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