Day 103

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At some point in our lives we must inevitably confront the challenge of losing someone we love and there are few consolations in our culture that can help to ease the pain of the loss. That is why we need to cherish our loved ones and express our love and care at every opportunity, saying thank you for the love they give and acknowledging their role in our lives. This helps us to avoid the pain of regret and builds a foundation of warm and sustaining memories that place our relationships in a very positive and comforting light. Ultimately we need to feel that our closest relationships are complete and that we have expressed our love in every way that we could. We will still miss our loved ones when they are no longer with us but we will not suffer from the debilitating regret that we failed to give our love with all our hearts. Don’t hold back. Let your loved ones know how much you really feel for them.

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