Day 100

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Problems. Life will always present us with problems, trials and challenges but it’s vital for our wellbeing to maintain a positive perspective. This means learning to focus on the more positive aspects of life, including the positive outcomes we can expect when we deal with our problems successfully. In other words, if we only focus on our difficulties, that’s all we will see. But if we focus on the areas outside of our problems, we can create a more balanced, less stressful view of our circumstances and this enhances our creativity and our potential to solve problems. Our focus influences our perspective; focusing on negative issues reinforces our perception of the world as a hostile and difficult environment. Focusing on the positive aspects of our life encourages a healthier, positive and empowered approach to our daily challenges and helps to reduce stress whilst boosting our well-being. So if you really want to engage more powerfully with the events that surround you, learn to recognise the brighter, more positive aspects of your situation rather than simply seeing the difficulties. You may find the problems are still out there, but your power to deal with them will be deeply enhanced.

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