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CreativityHave you noticed how much healthier you look when you’ve been on holiday? Resting properly, relaxing, re-charging your batteries. If we consider the health benefits, we should be getting away for a break every month. Some productivity analysts would probably be horrified at the suggestion of more holidays but proper rest helps people to develop their creativity. Since holidays make such a welcome contribution to our well-being, we should find ways of bringing the holiday experience into our daily lives. This can be done by learning to release the stress that usually accompanies our daily working experience. Learning to relax more can help us to concentrate. Breathing more efficiently can stimulate our thought processes. Feeling well at work means fewer sick days. Unlocking our tension can boost productivity. So even if it isn’t practical to take more holidays, learn to relax and bring that holiday feeling into work every day. The difference will surprise you. The health benefits alone more than justify the exercise. It’s all in your mind, my friend. Use your mind to recreate that relaxed and energy-filled state of wellness that you bring back from holiday. And let every day rock!

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