Common Errors About Increasing Our Wealth

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One of the common errors that people make when they’re thinking about increasing their money supply is to start at the wrong end of the equation. We tend to devote a tremendous amount of energy, time and anxiety to the mechanics of creating wealth when we would benefit far more from considering what it is we’re really trying to achieve. When you’re planning to create more wealth in your life, the process really begins when you work out exactly what you want. You need to identify in the clearest possible terms precisely what you intend to achieve. This creates the focal point for your plans and stimulates your creativity to explore new alternatives in the quest for more wealth, more success, more freedom and a better standard of living.

coverThe problem with concentrating solely on how to make more money is that we tend to follow the old, familiar ways of thinking and planning that tend to produce the same old, familiar results that we’re so keen to improve. Choosing a brighter, bolder, more ambitious outcome for ourselves will engage more of our latent creative resources to identify better ways to reach our goals. So we need to start with the goal and choose outcomes that will excite us and test the boundaries of what we thought was possible. That’s why goal setting dominates the techniques and principles of success. It is very much the first step on the pathway to success in every endeavour.

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