Choose your Feelings to Focus on Emotions

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ChooseThe world is a mirror. Everything is an extension of how you feel. Your perception is continually shaped by your emotional filters. No one has the power to make you feel anything without your permission. When someone ‘makes you angry’ the anger was already in your heart. Learn to choose your feelings, to focus on emotions that support your health, inner peace, creativity and well-being. The world is a mirror. Let it reflect the beauty within your own heart. Learn that when someone is angry, the anger is in their heart. How they feel is not about you. It’s about their internal emotional landscape. When someone is angry, you know you don’t have to share their anger. You are free to remain at peace. Because that is what is in your heart. This awareness helps you to understand peoples’ feelings in a different context. You no longer have to react according to other peoples’ emotions.

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