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image15Would you be surprised to learn that around ninety percent of everything we do is a product of our habits? That`s right. Ninety percent. Humans might be pretty smart mammals but we naturally gravitate towards the easiest way of doing almost everything. That`s why habits are such an important part of our behaviours. If we can choose habits that support our goals and ambitions, we can almost automate the process of creating success for ourselves. It`s all about habits, my friend and, if you want to know if your habits are working for you, all you have to do is look at the results you`ve achieved so far in your life. This may seem like a harsh test but, if your goals have any meaning at all, they deserve the full and undiluted benefit of your daily actions. You just have to make sure that you`re using the right kind of actions and using them often enough to make a difference.

image22We`ve touched on the subject of goals and one of the first habits that I`d like to encourage you to adopt is the discipline of setting goals for yourself. We all need a clear direction for our lives otherwise we tend to drift through the days like a rudderless ship, blown wherever chance and circumstance dictate. Taking control of your life begins by selecting goals for yourself that are relevant, meaningful, motivating and realistic. Goals add purpose. You can measure where you are and what you`re doing in relation to your clearly stated goals. Whatever you choose for yourself, the goal must be measurable. And it must have a completion date, a time when the goal will be achieved. If the goal and the time frame scare you, this is a positive indication that you`ve chosen well! You`ll probably need to stretch yourself to achieve your aims but that`s one of the benefits of setting the goal in the first place. The main challenge is that we tend to aim for much less than we`re capable of achieving so be bold, step beyond the comfortable limits of your old, familiar territory. Dare to push back the barriers. Aim higher. You might surprise yourself by how far you can reach. Take the goal seriously. Make a firm commitment to its success. Repeat your commitment every day. It`s incredibly helpful to believe wholeheartedly in your dream, to practise believing until it becomes an automatic – habit!

One of the great habits that can enhance your goals and dreams and ambitions is to practise the art of visualising your success, as if you`d already achieved your goals and can imagine the results in perfect detail. The act of visualising the completed goal serves to activate parts of the brain that can provide creative energy and insights into better, more efficient ways of achieving your aims; That`s why visualisation is such a powerful tool in the arsenal of the super-successful. Rather than sitting numbly in front of the TV or cruising aimlessly through the debris and clutter of the Internet, take a few minutes to engage your imagination and visualise yourself enjoying the results of your success; The more clearly you can picture the scene of your realised dream, the more effectively you will engage these latent resources in the brain. And what a fabulous resource to employ on your behalf in the realisation of your goals.

Cover pageThese are all habits and habits, after all, account for most of what you do and what you`ve achieved. If you want to create different results in your life, choose the habits that will support your goals and lead to the filfillment of your dreams. The answer is in your hands now. Make the most of it. It`s your life and you deserve to have the best possible experience of whatever you choose for yourself.

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