Change- We Want Things to Be Different

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change-300x172We often hear the expression ‘Practise makes perfect’ but this is not the case. Practise – makes permanent! If we always repeat the same actions, we can expect the same results. If we want things to be different, this implies that we must do things differently. If we always do things the same way, think the same thoughts, generate the same old familiar feelings, things will remain exactly as they are.
If we really want to create improvement and change in our lives, we have to change what we do, how we think and how we feel. Change the formula of your behaviour and you massively increase the probability of creating real change in your life.
Start by choosing how you want things to be. Choose how you want to feel. Then examine how your present actions are creating the outcomes in your life. This is the pathway to lasting improvement. Even small changes can produce extraordinary results.

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