Cash – Measured in Financial Terms

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financial-success-investingSuccess in our culture is often measured in financial terms but how do you feel about money? What is your real relationship with cash? It might come as a surprise but many people feel very uncomfortable about money. It’s a source of enormous stress. Most people feel they have too little and many don’t even believe they deserve the money they get. So if you want to overcome your negative reactions about money – fear, doubt, anxiety, guilt – you have to start by feeling completely comfortable with money. This takes practice. A benevolent force with a smiling face that wants to help you in any way it can. It can be very helpful to think about money as if it were a living entity, something you can be friends with, something you can welcome happily into your wallet and into your life.
This change in attitude resonates in the subconscious and can produce remarkable results in your attitude and feelings towards cash. Make friends with money and take notice of the changes this makes in your life. You might be very pleasantly surprised.

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