Being the best you can be

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image (14)Have you ever had the feeling that life could be so much better than it is right now? That you could be living a life that was more fulfilling, happier, healthier, less stressful and much more satisfying? If you’ve ever had these kind of thoughts, don’t worry – you’re not alone! One of the sources of this dissatisfaction is the way that our bodies react to long -term stress. Our bodies find powerful ways to signal the need to let go. When the stress levels peak, your body will tell you that you’re holding too much stress and that it’s time to relax deeply and release the fear that robs us of our energy, joy and creativity. But it might be more revealing to ask ourselves where this constant round of stress really comes from. Surprisingly, the problem often begins in childhood. Most of us spend our entire lives playing roles that are mostly learned during early childhood. These roles and behaviours equip us with a range of thoughts and feelings, reinforced by our cultural environment, which condition us to react automatically to every situation we encounter. Stress is part of this deeply programmed behaviour and this is a great moment to ask ourselves whether there really are any alternatives. Well, the simple answer is ‘Yes’!


It’s time for us to think for a moment about the accumulated effects of all these behaviours. Do you like the way you feel? Do you know why you feel the way you do?  Would you like to feel better? Our mission at Parry Wellness is to help you discover the deepest levels of complete wellbeing. Total well-being is a product of physical, mental and emotional influences and being the best you can be does not imply yet another role for us to play. Being the best you can be involves letting go of aspects of our behaviour that really don’t belong to us. Releasing habits, thoughts and feelings that get in the way of your happiness, your health, your ability to live life to the full. Discovering who we are beneath these layers of destructive, restrictive behaviours can be a revelation. So we are not suggesting a temporary change in our daily role-playing behaviours. We would like to invite you to experience a liberating, life-changing discovery of wellness, health and happiness that you would not wish to live your life in any other way! We’ll be exploring this vitally important subject in depth during the forthcoming webinar which is scheduled for the evening of 21st June.


With best wishes from your Team at Parry Wellness

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