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image (13)Autumn with its beautiful colours, fresh mornings and occasional bright sunshine has arrived.


The changing of the seasons reminds us of how Nature understands the importance of resting, allowing time to recover and prepare for the times ahead. As the season moves into its next cycle, Nature slows down, becomes dormant, sleeps and allows time to recover. This is an important observation for us because we also need to learn how to rest properly and give our minds and bodies time to renew their energy and vigour.


Which leads us to the subject of sleep! It really is surprising that so few people seem to sleep well. Most of us wake up in the morning with extreme reluctance, a sigh of resignation and an abiding desire to turn over and get a few more hours of rest. Is this normal? Is this how we’re supposed to feel when we wake up? Well, it might seem strange but we really should be able to wake up most mornings feeling bright and refreshed, ready to face the day with energy to spare and a healthy dose of enthusiasm. No? I get the feeling that you might be shaking your head in disbelief at this point! And that’s because we rarely ever wake up feeling great. I know. It seems that the daily pressures of work, family and relationships continually conspire to take away our energy and leave us feeling tired and exhausted. But there are alternatives and learning how to relax before you go to sleep can make a world of difference to the quality and duration of your night’s rest.


Let’s see how we can make things better:


1. Switch off the TV at least half an hour before you plan to go to sleep. Too much mental and visual stimulation wrecks the body’s ability to relax. The same rule applies to your reading material. Put the book or magazine down at least half an hour before you close your eyes.

2. Get into a comfortable position and learn to be aware of your body. Relax the face muscles, tongue and jaw. Move through your body and release any tension, especially in the shoulders and back muscles. This helps to release the physical blocks that prevent you from relaxing.

3. Breathe! Open your chest, hold the breath for a second or two and then breathe out and let go of all the tensions, anxieties, worries and distractions. Prepare to sink into a deep, relaxing sleep…….

We’re going to be focusing on the enormous benefits of learning to relax during the rest of the year. We’re going to introduce you to some fantastically healthy and delicious recipes to give your body the perfect fuel to stay fit, strong and full of energy. We’re looking forward to helping you feel fantastic every single day. It’s a truly great journey and we’ll be with you all the way.

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