Are you taking a break from your computer screen?

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image (28)How many hours a day do you spend at a desk or in front of a computer screen? Those hours really add up and they eventually begin to influence your posture from head to foot. And not in a good way!


Humans did not evolve to remain in one position for hours on end. We evolved to move and a lack of mobility during the day produces a host of unpleasant side effects. No wonder our neck and shoulder muscles get tired. No surprise that our flexibility is compromised. No wonder that we lose focus and concentration. But the answer to this problem couldn’t be simpler.


Every twenty minutes or so – stand up and stretch. That’s right. Move your body, breathe and stretch. Humans tend to concentrate in twenty minute segments. So it’s natural for us to take a moment to relax and get ready to focus again roughly every twenty minutes or so. If you prefer, you can stretch whilst sitting.


The important thing is to move your body, shift your focus, breathe and do a couple of gentle stretches. Lift your arms above your head and lift your ribs a few millimetres. Let your spine gently lengthen. Feel how good it is to breathe. A slow twist to each side can help to unlock tension in the lower back. Stretch but make sure there’s no pain. That’s really important.


The movement and breathing will help to refresh your body and your mind. Try it now. Make it a normal part of your daily routine and make life much more pleasant and comfortable than you ever thought possible. Go on. You deserve it.

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