Are you ready for the change in season?

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image (19)As the Summer moves towards Autumn and the temperatures begin to fall, we find the old familiar seasonal colds and sniffles returning. Sometimes it seems inevitable that the change of the seasons is always marked by coughs, colds and sneezes. But what can we do about it? What can we do to keep the bugs at bay? We’ve put together some really helpful suggestions to keep you fit and healthy throughout the year but particularly as the cooler autumn weather approaches.


1. Wash those hands! That’s right. The easiest way for unwelcome bugs to get on board your system is via your hands. So keep them clean. Carry an anti-bacterial hand gel and use it throughout the day. Breaking the chain of infection is much easier if we all keep our hands clean.
2. Learn to breathe a little more deeply to lower your stress response. Elevated stress levels can compromise your immune system. So give your body’s defence system a break, relax and breathe calmly and deeply.
3. A doctor in Florida has been recommending the following combination of supplements to his older patients for decades. He believes that it’s the best combination to beat cold and ‘flu bugs. Vitamin C. Lots of Vitamin C. Combine it with Olive Leaf Extract (available from good health food stores) and Grapefruit Seed Extract. The doctor claims that this formula boosts the immune system and helps us fight the bugs before they gain a foothold in our system.
Preparation is the key. Try the supplement combination before the people around you start coughing and sneezing. Get plenty of rest. Drink lots of water. Learn to stay calm and keep those bugs at bay throughout all the year. Be well!
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