9 Worst habits that can hold you back from success

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image11Is success important to you? It should be and we want to make absolutely sure that you enjoy all the success your life can hold. It really is way too important to let a few bad habits get in the way of your dreams. OK. So we all have bad habits but which ones are holding you back on your shimmering pathway to success? Perhaps a list of suggestions would be helpful:

Procrastination – the great thief of time!

Fear – yes, most of the time, it really is nothing more than a persistent habit that consumes your energy, your ambition and your confidence

Doubt – the lurking worry that you won`t be able to handle the challenges and obstacles on your pathway

Saying Yes when you really mean No – the shortcut to over-committing and a loss of focus

Failing to organise your day and its activities – wandering around without a clear direction for your energies

Not listening – ignoring feedback that can save you from so many mistakes

Trying to please too many people – living for the approval of others instead of simply approving of yourself

Not finishing tasks – so nothing is ever complete

Blaming others – handing over responsibility to others

The list could continue for at least a dozen pages but the important fact is that we need to identify the habits that are causing you more problems than they should. Take a moment to think about the way you live each day, about the things you do and about whether your activities produce the results you want from life. This is not always a comfortable exercise but it can help you to isolate the key behaviours that are obstructing your success. The answer is to be found within ourselves.

Once you`ve noted down the habits and behaviours that are causing the problem, write down what you intend to do about each of those unhelpful behaviours. The process of describing each negative behaviour and thinking about the possible solutions stimulates a part of the brain that has evolved specifically to help us solve problems. The Pre-Frontal Cortex offers us the gifts of logic, creativity, the ability to plan and visualise our goals.

coverSo choose the dominant habit that`s been adversely affecting your ambitions and write down exactly how you plan to eliminate it from your behaviour. Describe a new habit that you can adopt that will overcome the negative effects of your old, less helpful habit. It`s a formula for success and entirely yours to engage whenever unhelpful behaviours emerge to challenge your ambitions.

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